New Clients

30 min Q&A session with counselor: Free

Intake session: $200 – $125 (depending on counselor)*
Counseling session: $125 – $90 (depending on counselor)*

*Please confirm pricing with each therapist when scheduling your first appointment. While these prices are Mending Clinic standard, each counselor is responsible for setting their own pricing.

Sessions may take longer than the allocated 50 minutes. If sessions take longer the rate might increase. Please speak with your counselor about any rate increase.

Sliding fee available for those who qualify, please contact therapist for requirements.




Who goes to counseling?

Every person, from three years old to seniors citizens, can benefit from counseling.


What is the goal of counseling?

The purpose of counseling is not to talk about the weather or the Cowboys. The goal is to heal, process, and grow by working alongside a trained mental health professional. Mending Clinic encourages clients to ask questions if they do not feel that counseling is helping them.


Does Mending Clinic accept insurance?

Mending Clinic does not accept insurance. We believe in the strictest confidentiality and protection of our clients. However, we have many clients reimbursed by their insurance company by turning in a receipt of their visit. Please confirm with your insurance company, so your counselor can provide you with the correct information.


How long is a session?

Your initial intake session with a counselor at Mending Clinic will last 60 to 90 minutes. Subsequent sessions will last approximately 50 minutes. Mending Clinic encourages you to speak with your counselor if you feel you would benefit from a longer session. A counselor at Mending Clinic will never end a session when a client is in a fragile state; therefore, sessions occasionally run into the next client’s session. We apologize in advance if this happens and appreciate your courteousness.


How long do I have to be in counseling?

Depending on the situation, counseling could last a month or several months. Mending Clinic encourages their clients to have goals in counseling, follow through with recommendations from the counselor and stay engaged in the counseling process.


What is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)?

EFT is a technique using pressure points in the body to assist the brain process certain stressors, feelings, memories, and toxic thought patterns. Most people can benefit from EFT if done correctly. One large benefit of EFT is a client, once trained, can continue using EFT on their own at home, at work, in the morning, or before bedtime.


What is Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EDMR)?

EMDR is a technique used to process disturbing memories and their lingering effects. Research studies show that certain eye movements in specific patterns administered by a trained professional can help alleviate symptoms of severe trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). For more information on EMDR, visit


Must I be a Christian to attend counseling at Mending Clinic?

No. Mending Clinic welcomes each and every client. All Mending Clinic counselors are trained to work with a range of demographics and worldviews and have a passion for helping all people through their situations and discouraging times.


How can I prepare for my first counseling session?

After scheduling your first appointment, fill out the counselor’s intake paperwork and bring it with you to your appointment. You can find this paperwork here. Mending Clinic also encourages our patients to write down the discouragement they are experiencing and what goals they might want to accomplish through counseling. Doing these will help you and your counselor take the most advantage of the time you have.