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Our purpose at Mending Clinic is to provide you with the tools you need to pick yourself up with confidence as you go through rough patches in life, and walk towards your future without pain or fear of the unknown.

Mending Clinic provides care, support and counseling to those in Arlington, Texas and surrounding Dallas / Fort Worth areas. Our team of specialized counselors are trained to guide you to find the source of angst, to work past the superficial. We work with individuals, couples and families going through issues such as depression, anxiety, anger, grief, trauma, substance abuse, obsessive compulsive disorder, and personality disorders. We also help people with career development, building confidence and assertiveness, and creating healthy family systems.

Life is tough. But it can be better.

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An Advanced Outpatient Program for Adults

Mending Clinic developed RESTORE as a four to six week advanced outpatient care program with an individualistic approach to assist adults in, developing coping skills to tackle daily challenges, restore health and happiness, fully equip people to get un-stuck, and assisting in transitions back into a healthy home life.

RESTORE is designed for those who want the most out of their relationships and their lives, but are currently unable to move forward. Everyone has unique obstacles to growth, and that requires a specialized plan for each individual.

We are now accepting clients.

Your restored health and wellness are closer than you think.

Counselors at Mending Clinic

Contact Information

Jorge M. Gama, LPC-S

• PTSD • Entrepreneurs • Behavioral Health Assessments •

Cheryl Larrabee, LPC

Biblical Counseling • Borderline Personality Disorder • Anxiety & OCD •

Michelle Martin, LPC-Associate

Supervised by Michelle Salzman, LPC-S

Trauma • Teen Issues • Anxiety & Depression •

Annette Kerr, LPC

PTSD  EMDR Certified • LPC-Intern Supervision •

Emily Benning Green, LPC

• Girls’ & Women’s Issues • Life Transitions • Biblical Counseling •

Zamanda Martinez, LPC-Associate

Supervised by Jorge Gama, LPC-S

• Latino/Bilingual • Family Systems • Grief/Loss •


  • Group Therapy
  • Medication Management by Dr. Diana Ghelber
  • Individual & Family Counseling


Individuals, Couples and Families

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The purpose of counseling is not to talk about the weather or the Cowboys. The goal is to heal, process, and grow by working alongside a trained mental health professional. Mending Clinic encourages clients to ask questions if they do not feel that counseling is helping them.
No. Mending Clinic welcomes each and every client. All Mending Clinic counselors are trained to work with a range of demographics and worldviews and have a passion for helping all people through their situations and discouraging times.

Mending Clinic Spiritual CounselorTherapist of the Month: Emily Benning LPC

Emily’s main focus is helping teen and young adults get through the natural transitions of life as successfully as possible. Emily’s clients work on growing and maturing in a holistic manner, including making healthy choices on mental health education and coping skills, sleeping habits, food, and spiritual beliefs.