No one can change their past or present in an instant, but finding solutions to struggles is a journey you don’t have to travel alone.

Whether you’re looking for extra support and guidance during a tough season or you’re looking to make life changes, we want to help you achieve a life you’re proud of living.

At Mending Clinic, we provide counseling for individuals, couples, and families.

Our legacy is not found in physical things, but in the lives of encouraged people.

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 Mending Clinic is proud to introduce RESTORE, an adult Advanced Outpatient Program

Your restored health and wellness is closer than you think.

We are now accepting clients. 

RESTORE provides a unique treatment plan for individuals who are looking to improve or develop coping strategies and life skills for fulfillment in relationships with family, student life, or work activities. The holistic and multidisciplinary approach of the RESTORE program utilizes;

  • Group Therapy
  • Medication Management (as needed) by Dr. Diana Ghelber
  • In-Home Assessment
  • Individual Counseling (as needed; can include Couples/Marriage or Family counseling)


RESTORE is designed for those who want the most out of their relationships and their lives, but are currently unable to move forward. Obstacles to growth require a specialized plan for each individual. Mending Clinic developed RESTORE as a four or six-week advanced outpatient care program with an individualistic approach to assist adults in >> develop coping skills to tackle daily challenges >> restore health and happiness >> fully equip people to get un-stuck.

Restore schedule

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The purpose of counseling is not to talk about the weather or the Cowboys. The goal is to heal, process, and grow by working alongside a trained mental health professional. Mending Clinic encourages clients to ask questions if they do not feel that counseling is helping them.
No. Mending Clinic welcomes each and every client. All Mending Clinic counselors are trained to work with a range of demographics and worldviews and have a passion for helping all people through their situations and discouraging times.
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Therapist of the Month: Annette Kerr

Annette recently celebrated her one year anniversary at Mending Clinic and we couldn’t be happier she is part of the team. Being a military wife has given Annette an extensive career working with many different populations all over the country. Now that Annette and her family have permanently settled in Texas, she is focusing on helping people deal with their trauma and is trained in EMDR.