Office Space For Rent

At Mending Clinic, people make all the difference. Our team members are strongly encouraged to develop strong entrepreneurial skills, maintain professionalism in appearance and attitudes, and continuously learn by reading, continuing education units, and attending one of our many networking opportunities. Each team member goes through an in-depth interview process and must be able to provide multiple references.

Space is available for rent by the month

$550 per month

or by the day

$60 per day

Mending Clinic Mission Statement

At Mending Clinic, we strive to provide compassionate support and a safe environment for discouraged people by empowering, educating, and renewing relationship. Beyond our walls, our clients are equipped with strategies to continue to find hope and a life they are proud to live. Our team promotes building dreams inside ethical and healthy boundaries. Our legacy is not found in physical materials, but is found in the lives of encouraged people.


Amanda Gama


If you are a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern looking for Supervision,

please visit the Counselors page and click on the Supervision tab for Jorge M. Gama.