It’s painful to let go; to move forward; to remember things have changed.


Sometimes the memories of the past pull us back to a “happier” time against our will. Grief is a powerful trigger, moving our memories from the past to upfront and center stage in our life.


Each person’s grief is different and is handled differently; however, everyone goes through it in their life.


Whether you’ve lost a loved one, are lamenting the loss of a job or relationship, or are mourning your life previous to a traumatic event, each of us goes through similar experiences and similar feelings.


Typically, people are able to move through the stages of grief with the support of their close friends, family, and others they feel they can be authentic with, such as a pastor, rabbi, or other wise counsel.

Unfortunately, some are not able to process their grief and get stuck in the tragedies of life and cannot move forward. If you feel you are in the deep hole of grief, a licensed professional counselor might be able to help you with grief counseling. Specialized and comprehensive grief counseling services can go a long way to help you heal to become the person you strive to be.

Grief is a hard thing to combat, because it always changes. Sometimes it’s anger, irritability and aggression. Other times grief is sadness and depression. Grief can also manifest in unusual ways, such as guilt and shame or feelings of apathy. These symptoms of grief are not just in our outward appearance.

Sometimes people look like they are success in dealing with a death or loss, but only look that way on the outside. Many times, the symptoms of grief are felt more deeply in the heart of the person. With help from close friends or family and a grief counseling, everyone can move into the phrase of acceptance and look towards a positive future.

J. William Worden, a psychologist, created a stage-based model for grief called the Four Tasks of Mourning:

  • To accept the reality of the loss
  • To work through the pain of grief
  • To adjust to life without the deceased
  • To maintain a connection to the deceased while moving forward with life

No one should assume that life goes “back to normal” after a traumatic loss. However, everyone should expect a “new normal” to blossom like Spring with health and joy over time and with healing through grief counseling. Grief counselors at Mending Clinic in Arlington, Texas are available to travel with you through your Winter of grief and help you process your symptoms of grief to move forward.

At Mending Clinic, we recognize that it’s impossible to “move on” pretending your loved one never left, or traumatic event never happened. But we also recognize the importance of “moving forward”, by taking all your memories, joys, sadness, and life lessons into the next phase of your life.

Many of Mending Clinic’s counselors have experienced their own situations of bereavement and can empathize and encourage you to pick yourself up and move towards a healthy life you want to live. We can help you restore hope to your future through personalized and compassionate assistance.

If you are struggling with grief to the point your life is not how you want to experience it, please reach out to us as soon as you possibly can by calling 682.730.6363. Paralyzing grief should not have a foothold in your life in Arlington Texas or the nearby DFW Metroplex.